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We invite you to the POPLE World Project
where it first started to restore the blue light of Earth.

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POPLE provides a variety of services and products in daily life.
Experience a carbon-neutral culture in your life through POPLE WORLD membership, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Tribal members can build a carbon-neutral community (Tribe) by gathering like-minded members and receive more benefits and discounts according to Tribe's reduction efforts.



# 1

Earth, once shined blue and beautiful, is now losing its lights...

On certain time of everyday,
the stars of <Earth Love Club> gather on the moon and observe the lights of the earth.
But one day, They notice the blue lights are fading away...

Character Persona

Character card_ponya(en).jpg

A star disguised as a lesser panda, Ponya!
Ponya is a passionate leader who breaks conventional thoughts and puts ideas into action without hesitation. 
Ponya is the captain of the <Fellowship of the POPLE> and has a versatile charms. Ponya has high self-esteem and  believes itself to be a great star, but in the same time, Ponya is an emotional star and sometimes gets endlessly depressed.

Character card_dodo(en).jpg

A star disguised as a baby emperor penguin, Dodo!

Dodo is an introvert star with quiet and shy personality. However, Dodo also has clumsy, nerdy charms that is lovely enough to call on a protector instinct. As a thoughtful and sincere star with warm heart, Dodo is the emotional anchor for the  <Fellowship of the POPLE>.

Character card_peter(en).jpg

A star disguised as a sand cat, Peter!
Peter is a principled star with poker face. It is hard to know how Peter feels, but Peter deeply cares about the earth and the friends.

Peter helps <Fellowshop of the POPLE> to carry out missions with logical thinking and a sense of reality and sorts out situations.

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​Benefit Information
How to sign up
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Community involvement
Access the  form link in the post
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Fill out the required information

* Tribe membership registration is available after minting

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[ POPLE e-Mobility​​ ]

The first half of 2023
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  • Q. What is POPLE?
    POPLE stands for Promise for Our Planet😊 In order to lead the era of carbon neutrality, we created the “POPLE” brand to encourage all of us to participate in activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Q. What is POPLE World? What can you offer?
    POPLE World is a carbon-neutral cultural platform that operates based on blockchain and NFT. POPLE World consists of service part(E-mobility, Tours using e-mobility, eco-friendly F&B services)that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by sharing services with eco-friendly companies and Platform part that stores those activities in NFT and enjoys various benefits in the service section as the activity increases - Members of POPLE World membership can obtain XP and points then use point according to reduction efforts by using services and partner companies in operation. - NFT holders can build a Tribe within POPLE World to form a new community for general members to participate. - Members belonging to the Tribe will enjoy more benefits according to the reduction efforts of the entire Tribe, and different benefits are given to each Tribe. General membership members who do not participate in the Tribe cannot enjoy the benefits provided to the Tribe. POPLE World is a carbon-neutral cultural platform created to activate various carbon-neutral activities based on the e-mobility business, and discovers, develops, and operates various greenhouse gas reduction projects.
  • Q. How are general members and Tribal members different?
    Members of POPLE World are divided into ‘General members’ who do not hold NFTs and ‘Tribal members’ who do have NFTs. 👤General members can receive benefits according to their individual reduction efforts. 👤Tribal members are given the right to create a community by building a Tribe, and receive benefits according to the reduction efforts of the entire Tribe. POPLE created a community called Tribe to help more people create a fun carbon-neutral culture together.
  • Q. I want to have POPLE World NFTs!
    If you join the community (KakaoTalk open chatting room) and sign up for POPLE World NFT membership, you can own POPLE World NFT. Secure NFT ownership in advance and meet the only NFT in the world when minting.
  • Q. How do I participate in the community?
    You can participate in the community through KakaoTalk, and you can check it by clicking the icon on the right side of the homepage. We plan to expand to Discord and Telegram in the future.😎
  • Q. What kind of blockchain does POPLE World NFT use?
    POPLE World NFT utilizes Polygon, and we plan to support multi-blockchains up to Klaytn!
  • Q. How do I check my ranking?
    We will re-announce later according to the minting schedule 🔧
  • Q. Is it possible to use copyright?
    All copyrights of POPLE World NFT are open, and secondary creation, arbitrary transformation, and commercial use using owned NFTs are possible🤗
  • Q. Can I resell the NFTs I own?
    Resale of NFTs is possible after minting, and details such as secondary sales fees will be announced during NFT minting🔧

contact us

If you have any questions,
Please contact us

​Response Time: Weekdays 9:00-17:00

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